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This is The Grammar Project, a web application for foreign language students, and you can use it to learn words and phrases and get into the habit of forming grammatically correct sentences.
The introduction video introduces some of features and demonstrates how to create a tutorial.
Introduction to The Grammar Project
Creating custom tutorials is how The Grammar Project teaches. Each tutorial is a list of questions divided into lessons. Answer the questions in a lesson correctly three times and move on to the next lesson. When all the lessons are complete the tutorial is complete.
Tutorials can be created in a variety of ways. When you view a word, phrase or pattern, there is a “Learn” button on the page that will create a tutorial for that specific word, phrase or pattern. Or create a larger tutorial from one of the vocabulary lists or by flagging up to 200 words and phrases. You can also create a tutorial by ripping the words and phrases out of a piece of text.
Learning words and phrases
Coding phrases
The Grammar Project uses a computer language to describe words, phrases, patterns and lists. If there is a phrase that you want to learn that is not in our database, you can code it and then create tutorials for it.
Learning words and phrases
Audio file
Hearing and understanding speech are part of learning a language. Use the audio file feature to create mp3 files of spoken words and phrases.
Audio file
Vocab file
Share and print by exporting words and phrases in pdf format to a vocab file.
Vocab file