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Audio file
Audio file
Hearing and understanding speech are part of learning a language. Use the audio file feature to create mp3 files of spoken words and phrases.
Creating an audio file from words and phrases
Make sure that you have flagged at least one word or phrase. You can flag words and phrases by clicking the flag icon next to each item in the search results.
Open the Flags page and click the "mp3" button.
Creating an audio file from a tutorial
Make sure you have created a tutorial. Creating tutorials
Open the Tutorial page and click the "mp3" button. If the button is disabled, it is because the tutorial does not contain any revision questions.
Mp3 options
The Delay option is the duration of silence in between each spoken phrase. If you are using audio files to practise answering questions, give yourself enough time between phrases to answer by setting the delay to 20 seconds.
The Shuffle option randomizes the order of the phrases.
The Tone option. If you are listening through Bluetooth headphones, you may find that the headphones have an energy optimisation feature that will cut out during silence and as a result fade in at the start of each phrase. To counteract this feature, check the Tone option. This will insert a tone before each phrase and wake up your headphones.